Feedback on First Part of Novel

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While I am in the process of editing, I would love to get some feedback on the first part of one of my books, Flight of the Queen. It is a fantasy book targeted at young adults/children.

Flight of the Queen (Part 1): Flight of the Queen Part 1

Serialized Release is on Hold

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I hate to keep putting off the release of my books, but I’ve found some beta readers to give me more feedback on the books. Given that option, I’m going to have to put everything on hold for the time being until I get feedback. I’ll keep everyone up-to-date on any updates, though.

Long Distance Relay

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I ran thirteen miles today, and I can no longer walk in the traditional, two-legged sense of the word.

I’ve foolishly agreed to run in one of those long distance relay races that are very popular right now. After my run today, though, I just sort of creak across the floor. My shoulders shift left and right to move my weight, and my legs refuse to bend. I would say it is a Frankenstein-monster-esque look, but I feel like that would imply some form of intimidating power. Rather, I just look pathetic. Here’s to hoping I can walk tomorrow!

May 2, 2015

Schedule for Release of Serializations

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I am setting a firm release date of June 2, 2015 for the first parts of both of my books that I am working on serializing right now. I am working my way through the second one to clean up any loose ends right now. With June 2 in mind, I am going to finish cleaning up the second book by the end of March. That gives me April to rework some material in the first book that I want to change. Then I can take May to do any final edits and prepare the cover artwork. Then release on June 2!

My plan will be to release a part on the first and third Tuesday of every month until I’ve released the entire works. I am incredibly excited at the prospect of releasing the first two parts. It has been a long process with both of these books, and I am ready to get them out there!

Pushing It Back

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I’m not going to make my release date for the start of my two serial books. I’ve put all writing on hold recently because of a huge project I had to finish by the end of February. I’ve finished it, but it has left me way behind in my writing. I’m setting a new date of April 6 to release the first part of both of my serial books. I have the first several parts of my fantasy novel edited and split into pieces, but I don’t have my science fiction book split yet. I’m actually going to rewrite the middle of the science fiction book, but the beginning shouldn’t change. So hopefully I won’t have a problem with the new release date.

I still need a name for my sci-fi serial. I’ve named every book before I started writing it. And I’ve changed the name of every book at least once. I never realized how important a name may be to an author. As a reader, I think it is far less important. But as an author, the name and the cover is all you have. You have a split second to sell someone on what may have been months or (more realistically) years of your work. One moment. That’s it. It’s a lot of pressure. So far the new names (the good names) have popped up to me while writing for two of my three books (the bar-tending one and the fantasy one). But not for the sci-fi one. I need a name. Not a cover (I know what I want there). But a name.