Paper or Plastic?

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Reading an actual book to me is far more enjoyable, but ebooks are just so convenient! I can easily read in bed; I can have dozens of books with me in a single-book-sized device. You just can’t beat it!

But, it turns out that (unsurprisingly, I guess) reading on a screen is not the same as reading on paper. Your paper brain and your Kindle brain aren’t the same thing highlights the difference. Being able to “deep read” by immersing ourselves fully in the text in front of us is a crucial skill and one that is not exercised enough while looking at a screen.RTR2KOTX However, the article states that the mind shifts towards “non-linear” reading (for example, skimming a screen). I wonder how that applies to ereaders where you are still reading in a traditional format (just text on a page) but reading off a screen?

Either way, I still like a good, paper book if I can manage it. But I love to read, and I consume well over fifty percent of my books from a screen. So I will just hope that I still get some deep reading exercise from an ebook (and I can be bi-literate!).

September 30, 2014

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