Pushing It Back

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I’m not going to make my release date for the start of my two serial books. I’ve put all writing on hold recently because of a huge project I had to finish by the end of February. I’ve finished it, but it has left me way behind in my writing. I’m setting a new date of April 6 to release the first part of both of my serial books. I have the first several parts of my fantasy novel edited and split into pieces, but I don’t have my science fiction book split yet. I’m actually going to rewrite the middle of the science fiction book, but the beginning shouldn’t change. So hopefully I won’t have a problem with the new release date.

I still need a name for my sci-fi serial. I’ve named every book before I started writing it. And I’ve changed the name of every book at least once. I never realized how important a name may be to an author. As a reader, I think it is far less important. But as an author, the name and the cover is all you have. You have a split second to sell someone on what may have been months or (more realistically) years of your work. One moment. That’s it. It’s a lot of pressure. So far the new names (the good names) have popped up to me while writing for two of my three books (the bar-tending one and the fantasy one). But not for the sci-fi one. I need a name. Not a cover (I know what I want there). But a name.

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