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Well this hit close to home. Well worth the read from a poet of whom I had never heard before reading this work on Poem-A-Day. This is one of those poems that is worth reading once a year to keep things in perspective.

by Effie Waller Smith

“I have no time for those things now,” we say;
“But in the future just a little way,
No longer by this ceaseless toil oppressed,
I shall have leisure then for thought and rest.
When I the debts upon my land have paid,
Or on foundations firm my business laid,
I shall take time for discourse long and sweet
With those beloved who round my hearthstone meet;
I shall take time on mornings still and cool
To seek the freshness dim of wood and pool,
Where, calmed and hallowed by great Nature’s peace,
My life from its hot cares shall find release;
I shall take time to think on destiny,
Of what I was and am and yet shall be,
Till in the hush my soul may nearer prove
To that great Soul in whom we live and move.
All this I shall do sometime but not now–
The press of business cares will not allow.”
And thus our life glides on year after year;
The promised leisure never comes more near.
Perhaps the aim on which we placed our mind
Is high, and its attainment slow to find;
Or if we reach the mark that we have set,
We still would seek another, farther yet.
Thus all our youth, our strength, our time go past
Till death upon the threshold stands at last,
And back unto our Maker we must give
The life we spent preparing well to live.

February 16, 2014

Never Stop Reading

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Keep reading, no matter the circumstances:


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Tried to make pancakes this morning…

Nailed It!

Cool Runnings!

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I just saw the Jamaican bobsled team in the Opening Ceremonies. I’m so excited! (I should clarify my love for the movie… when I actually went bobsledding, I screamed “Cool Runnings” as we launched).

Olympics: Opening Ceremony

But as an American, let me just add, “USA! USA! USA!”

February 7, 2013

Exploring Antarctica with Google Street View

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This is so cool! You can use Google Street View to explore Antarctica. I find it funny that I stumbled across this article the day after being concerned about ‘virtual’ vacations, but I’m still going to use this to look around (although I truly do want to actually set foot on Antarctica at some point in my life).

Best thing:
Scott’s Hut, Cape Evans on Ross Island
Scott’s Hut is a building located on the north shore of Cape Evans on Ross Island in Antarctica.scotts-hut-cape-evans-on-ross-island It was erected in 1911 by the British Antarctic Expedition of 1910–1913 (also known as the Terra Nova Expedition) led by Robert Falcon Scott. The hut was prefabricated in England before being brought south by ship. It is rectangular, 50 feet (15 m) long and 25 feet (7.6 m) wide. After 1917, the hut remained untouched until 1956, when US expeditioners dug it out of the snow and ice. It was found to be in a remarkable state of preservation, and included many artifacts from both the earlier expeditions. While some artifacts were taken as souvenirs at the time (and since), this hut has remained largely as it was in 1917. [source]

February 6, 2014